Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween's Past

Halloween is coming up, so I thought I'd share some random memories that come to mind when I think back on this childhood holiday.

My older brother, the lawyer, has always been the king of negotiation. Every candy centered holiday, he'd hone his skills by duping me into trading my chocolate for Nerds, Sixlets or the all inferior Smarties. Because, you see, there are 10 candies in one package of Smarties, and therefore that is a better deal. I fell for this for way too many years.
So much candy lost to that cocoa tyrant.

Terrible Decorations.
You see that freaky witch faced broom head behind me? Do you see my face in the photo? My crafty mother made a few of these diy creepy nylon stocking face abominations in the 80's, and I'm 99% certain their only purpose was to give me nightmares. From Oct. 1 to Nov. 1,  I slept with one eye open and avoided eye contact with those nylon demons, just in case.

I'm the sparkly flapper in the middle, wearing my older sister's jazz dance costume. 
You can't tell from the photo, but this particular Halloween was one of the rainiest I days I can recall in my lifetime. The heavy flapper makeup my mother applied ran down my face and I looked more like a disheveled, old-timey cat house employee..in the third grade, of course. It rained all day and all night, but my friends and I insisted we go trick or treating, so my mom drove us from house to house in our 84' Plymouth Voyager. It didn't keep us kids from getting soaked, but my mom sure as hell was dry.

The Costume Box.
I can only remember a handful of times I was taken to purchase a costume (1998: Cow, 1999: Nun). All other Halloween creations were either hand sewn by mom, or picked from the costume box. A 1985 older sister witch is the same a 1991 younger sister witch. Now, my kids would die if they had to be something their other sisters had worn.
Clearly, I wore it better. 


  1. You definitely wore it better :oD

    Love the pictures! And I guess everyone with older siblings had to go through the candy stealing.

    Hope you guys will have a spooky Halloween this year!


  2. Yes!! I remember that Halloween cause that red costume bled all over me. I have such fond memories trick-or -treating with you in your neighborhood! The guy with the remote controlled hand? Ripping my tights on your cinderblock back wall one year.....good times!