Monday, September 29, 2014

Once a week single mom

My husband has been taking night classes and as a result I've got all 4 girls by myself, once a week, this semester.

There is a single mom with 4 kids in my neighborhood who does this drill everyday, and until recently, I just didn't get it. In fact, I criticised her parenting behind her back because I just couldn't believe how much soda she let's her kids drink.
Tonight, red cream soda was the only thing I could throw at my kids to get them to shutty long enough for me to whip up a delicious hot dog dinner, so I owe her a serious apology and a plate of cookies. This is busy, this is rough and this is parenting to the best of my abilities right now. 

Anyone who thinks they can to do better than this can come on over and give me a hand.

1 comment:

  1. hey man, you went the extra mile and toasted that hotdog bun. you`re still a super mom when you`re solo for a day!