Friday, August 22, 2014

Why I Walk My Kid To School

Back to school, back to the grind and back to early morning wake up calls to get our butts to class on time.
This year, my daughter is in at new school which we live just close enough to make us not qualify for busing.
So we walk.
One of the hot internet topics right now is "InDependent Children and Why We're Ruining Our Kids By Supervising Them Too Much". While I whole heartedly agree with most of  the general consensus (helicopter mom=bad), I still find myself walking my child the entire way to school. Our route takes us through nice, middle class homes in a very low crime neighborhood that feels safe. Plus, there are tons of kids walking at the same time, on the same route as my child, so she is not alone in the least. We walk with a group of my daughter's neighborhood friends, who are capable of crossing the street, looking out for danger and generally staying responsible for the 1/2 mile, 8 minute trek. I know my kid would be fine walking without me, but I'm still there, for the entire length, all the way up to the gate.
Because my daughter still wants me there. There will come a day when she doesn't feel like having me around all the time and she won't want to give me on-the-lip kisses anymore. I know that day is coming, so as long as I'm invited to join her on mundane adventures, I'm in.


  1. Yes! That is exactly why I walked my kid to school, too. I said I`m gonna milk this for as long as it lasts! (Until work ruined everything and made me drive to drop her off quick.. buuuut if I could I still would!)

    1. But don't get me wrong..she has her run of the neighborhood by herself all day. I'm not overly protective and believe in independent kids.

  2. I like your thinking! It's great to have balance :)