Friday, August 29, 2014

What Turning 30 Feels Like

He who has a why to cat can almost cat anyhow.
existential crisis cat via reddit user felloffmybike
Yesterday I turned 30. I woke up in a relatively cheery disposition, excited to go eat my birthday breakfast (an apple pancake at the Original Pancake House) and looking forward to the rest of a day entirely devoted to me. 
However, by lunchtime, my mood soured and 30th birthday depression kicked in. I felt as if I'd not only squandered my birthday by not planning an extravaganza as I'd told myself I was going to do, but I hated myself for wasting the last 10 years of my life (my glorious twenties!) working in middle management for some version of The Gap. In short, my shitty existence crashed down on me.

What are my accomplishments? Where are my rewards? Can I still pull off this leopard print skirt? These were my questions surrounding my newfound thirtyness. Overwhelmed, I broke down into sobs on the way to dinner and announced to the world [husband] that I am a complete failure who doesn't deserve to live because I don't have a succesfull start up baby leggings/screen printing/yarn bombed antlers shop on Instagram. 
Gently, my husband reminded me that I hadn't eaten since breakfast and that maybe I would feel better after eating something. 
He was right. The wisdom of a 31 year old.


  1. Happy birthday :)
    I'm 32 - and still alive. In my hoodies. And colorful Harem pants. And sneakers....

  2. gah! 4 more months til my 30th. i feel like you did WAY better than i`m going to.