Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Parent Trap Night

Hey, summer's almost over and I was feeling incredibly sentimental with my kids, so I decided to have a girl's night and watch The Parent Trap.
I first dusted off my original VHS masterpiece, which bored the technocolor out of my girls within seconds- -seriously, they were wandering around, DONE before the previews (what's a previews?) were finished, so I stooped to base level, fetched L. Lohan's remake off of Netflix and we settled in for some mother-daughter time.
I've been waiting my daughter's entire life to share this movie with her and now I have 3 other little ladies to maximize the estrogen fest.
..Let's just say it was a girly overload of coming-of-age-ness, and all of the girls had something to say about it.

"This is the best movie ever." -Averie (with tears and stars in her eyes)

"Why does she [Lohan] get to say 'sexy'? That's not a kid word. When I'm older do I get to say it?"- Anabel

"If I had a twin, it would be evil." -Cat

"That lady is ONLY marrying him for his money. You married our dad because you liked.. well.. he has a nice beard."
We laughed, we cried, we all applauded when the mom and dad finally got together for that kiss and Vinnie shouted, "THINGS ARE GETTING SPICY UP IN HURR!"

It was a good night. I can't wait until Averie is 16 and I can do this again with Mean Girls, since we are now apparently team Lohan.

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