Thursday, May 15, 2014

You may insult me, but only if you rub my scalp.

I went to an event at Frederic Fekkai on Melrose (fancy pantsy) and was treated to a hair service at the salon. First of all, I would NEVER be able to afford to get anything done at Fekkai, so I was a total swag-whore to go to this. Honestly. I read the flier and was like, "Yep. I want to go to there."
Secondly, I never fit in at these type of things. I am clumsy, loud and do this really awful nervous cackle when I am trying to be social. It sounds like this: Huck-ach! It's bad. Especially bad when the crowd I'm interacting with is a bunch of fashiony, well-to-do-ers from Beverly Hills and nobody is laughing (they don't want smile lines).

Anyways, I'm at the thing and I'm sitting in a salon chair waiting to get my hair smoothed (?), totally looking out of place because I purposely didn't put any product in my hair and just wore it down. I didn't think it was nightmareish, but the stylist who was helping me was NOT IMPRESSED with my mane. At all.
He actually went as far as to tell me my hair cut was "..just really bad and I'm going to curl it to hide your bad hair cut." However, the whole time he's telling me how crappy my hair is, he's simultaneously massaging my scalp and making me feel all sorts of tingly (those ear lobe spots, oooooh boy). So, in response to the not so nice things he's saying, I'm going "Oh, yeah. Uh huh, you're right. Totally terrible, I'm the worst, but you're amazing and you should keep massaging me." I almost pre-booked an appointment with the dude because that scalp massage was so nice.

When the massage part was finished, he curled my hair and made me look pretty hot. Which was also nice.
So pretty much, you may insult me, but only if you rub my scalp.

For an awkward time, go see Jacob at Fekkai on Melrose. This isn't sponsored, BTW.

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  1. hahaa ohmigosh that sounds terrifying and amazing at the same time.