Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It's been about two years since I took my family on a vacation, and for good reason.
Remember this?
We had only been camping for 5 minutes before Cat looked like this. Full story here
Well, duty calls and we are attending a reunion for my side of the family. While I am very excited to spend some quality white trash time with my cousins on the Colorado river, I am a little bit nervous about how my family is going to do on the road (because we will need to be in the car for more than 45 minutes) and in the wild. These are my Suarez Family Vacation predictions:
-Somebody is going to get a wicked sunburn.
-Somebody will get seriously hurt on one of the following white trash vehicles: Seadoo, Raft or Dunebuggy. Which will it be??
-One of my kids will scare the shit out of me and fall into the river. I just know it.
-Something involving poop.
-One of the kids will get lost in a casino.

If you're interested in following our vacation, I'll be live tweeting and instagramming using the hashtag, #RiverPeach

Now, I wanna hear your family vacation horror stories! I may just bring you back a souvenir. 


  1. when i was fourteen my family and i went to stone mountain in georgia. i have two brothers, who always shared a bed, and then my parents got the other...leaving me to sleep on an army cot in the middle of the hotel room. we had dinner at some italian restaurant and my mom got food poisoning. it hit in the middle of the night. and on her run to the bathroom, she accidentally shat on my head. i am not joking. but i wish i were. we still bring it up at family birthdays.

  2. Oh. My. God.
    That is the best worst story I've ever heard. You poor child.

  3. Drove from Indiana to Utah (24 hours) with 3 kids under 4. One of them was potty training. I still haven't recovered...