Saturday, May 3, 2014

5 Kid's Movies You Won't Mind Watching

Remember movies other than Frozen?
Here is a list of movies my children used to watch before Elsa and Olaf took over. The best part about this list? These flicks are all Julie approved, so I don't mind watching them with my kids. Hooray for things that don't drive me insane.


Aliens in the Attic
Andy Richter and Tim Meadows are in this, so I can deal. Your kids will love the eclectic mix of groin hits and fart jokes.


Pippi in the South Seas
I get super nostalgic whenever I watch Pippi (og, Swedish Pippi...None of that American shiz) and I love that my girls are starting to get into her. She is independent, strong willed and NOT BITCHY. Honestly, my girls just want to watch these cartoons that star bratty, sassy monster-chicks that gripe about their hair and makeup for entire episodes. Can't stand it, wont stand it. Make your kids watch Pippi and then send them outside.


Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Large Marge, The Tequila Dance, the most raddest and awesomest bike on the planet? I don't even feel the need to list why this movie rules.

Really Rosie
Really Rosie is a musical based on a bunch of short Maurice Sendak books and the music is all sung by Carole King. It is fantastic and the songs will be stuck in your head forever. You can watch the whole movie, it's remastered and on You Tube! Seriously, you need to watch it. 

via imdb
Star Wars: Ewok Adventures
My girls are not really into Star Wars, but they freaking love Ewoks. I used to watch this sweet, sweet double feature when I was a kid and it still rocks. I dream my kids will someday make it through the entire original trilogy with me, but for now we can watch 94 minutes of Wicket.


  1. oh man. peewee is a favorite around here. we randomly break out into the tequila dance.

  2. Oh I know your a Disney fan, I was kinda wondering what your take on Frozen was before you had to watch it a million times.

    1. I enjoyed Frozen, although I think there are other recent Disney movies that have been better (like Brave). The music is what I like about Frozen, the story is meh in my opinion. No I don't think there is a gay underlining message. Lol

    2. LOL, so dumb that someone thought there was and underlining message to the moving.

  3. You know that we had to watch Pee Wee and Rosie and Pippi and Ewok WITH YOU NON STOP when you were their age, right? Well done, Grasshopper.

  4. oh yea guy. peewee is really a preferred close to right here. all of us arbitrarily bust out to the tequila dancing.

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