Monday, April 7, 2014

Take Your Ladies to Medieval Times!

This post is made possible by Medieval Times. My opinions are my own, your experience may vary.
Liz & Xenia are goooood company!
Image via Xenia

I am a huge Game of Thrones nerd. I seriously geek out at Dark Ages/Medieval/Magical Realms stuff, so when I got invited to dine at Medieval Times, I immediately found a babysitter and said a glorious Huzzah (totally out loud, in a public bathroom)!
 I met up with some local lady friends and we called our Medieval Times date our Girls Knight Out, which was completely fitting because I seriously wanted to take our Knight out with us. He was handsomey.

If you haven't been to Medieval Times before, let me break it down for you.

 Crowns: When you hand your ticket to the wench at the door, she gives you a crown which lets you know which colored knight you'll be cheering for. We got the Red and Yellow Knight and he kickethed butteth.

Drinks: After you get your crown, you head to a waiting area until the stadium is opened up. In this area you can buy souvenirs, flags, swords..Oh, and there are bars with epic grails of mar-grog-rita (I just made that up, you can use it, MT, it's cool) for sale. I chose a ridiculous hologram cup and then called that my "kid's souvenir".

Horses: Alright, so once the arena opens and you find your seat, the show begins with a magical white horse-prance through the fog thing. I thoroughly enjoyed this because I am a nerd. It was beautiful.
I totally pretended that was Jon Snow. 

 Food: Dinner is included in your show ticket and it is awesome. Half a chicken, ribs, bread, soup and an apple turnover. ALL SERVED ON A METAL CASTLE PLATE. Oh, and utensils are forbidden, witch. I ate my food in medieval fashion (while intermittently pounding my fist on the table for more wenches and gore).

 Fighting: Remember your handsome knight? Well, he and the rest of the Knights of the Realm (teehee!) fight to the death to win the hand of the fair princess. One lucky lady in the audience is awarded a rose and deemed the most beautiful lady of the realm. Spoiler: I didn't get the rose...Knights be trippin'.

I was pretty bummed out when the show ended. I really got into the whole thing. Plus, I was not ready to leave the company of my ladies. Ladies Knight Out doesn't happen all the time, ya know?

Luckily, Medieval Times is having a sweet promotion right now where you can buy 1 adult admission and get another adult admission for free! 

Special thanks to Medieval Times Buena Park Castle, Xenia at Raised By Culture, Liz at Peach On Earth and Jachel for being her fabulous self. 


  1. Me and Jason's anniversary is coming up, and I was totally thinking of going to Medieval Times! We're totally going to use this code; thanks! :D

    1. You'll have to post pictures if you go!

  2. Me personally as well as Jason's wedding anniversary is actually approaching, as well as We had been completely considering likely to Middle ages Occasions! We are completely likely to make use of this signal; many thanks!

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