Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Reasons Why We Love Pacific Park

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We went to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier and had a wonderful family night. 
Here's why you should make this your next adventure:

#1 The Beach!

I can't think of a reason NOT to go to the beach, especially now that summer is right around the corner. Pacific Park is built on the Santa Monica Pier, just steps from the water. We started our evening with a tide side picnic right on the sand, while gazing at the Ferris Wheel in the distance. The pier has a charming Coney Island feeling and I was in photo opp heaven. Bring your camera!

Dragon Swing and Ferris Wheel

#2 Kid Rides!

There are tons of kid friendly rides at Pacific Park and the best part was I could actually ride most of them with my girls. It was a little bit of a squeeze, but the kids got a real kick out of riding the baby bumper cars with Mom and the big kid bumpers with Dad.

#3 Big Kid Rides! 

The rides available for older kids were incredibly fun. My favorite was the Pacific Plunge, a free fall type attraction, which I rode no less than 3 times. All of my kids were tall enough to ride, so our entire family was able to go together. We rarely get to do that, but Pacific Park had a bunch of family rides we enjoyed (most of us...Bel was kind of a chicken on the Dragon Swing).

Trapeze artists! 
We all loved the bumper cars!

#4 The Boardwalk!

I'm a sucker for midway games and was stoked to see so many classic game booths at the park. There are old favorites, like darts, and an entire arcade full of new and retro games. There's even a Zoltar machine!
Plus, along the boardwalk are shops, restaurants, trapeze artists and street performers. We were not bored!

#5 The Price!

Entrance to the park is free (my favorite price) and tickets for rides are between $3-$6 per attraction. However, I was very happy with the price for an unlimited ride wristband and felt like this was a great deal for the whole family to come. There is plenty to do and time to do it, since Pacific Park is open until midnight on the weekends. Had we come during the day, we would have taken a beach break. However, we came in the afternoon, stayed until about 10 PM and the kids were still not ready to leave.

We will 100% be back again for more fun and I hope you check out this Southern California gem!
(and now more pictures because I took tons!)
Tons of food and goodies!

West Roller Coaster

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  1. I had a *great* first date at that pier. And made out with him on the ferris wheel. Sigh....