Friday, March 7, 2014

Utah Eats

I'm headed to Utah in a couple of weeks, and I am really excited to see my friends and family. It's been over a year since I've visited. However, all I can think about is THE FOOD. Utah has some killer eats. I'm going to try my best to refrain from going crazy, but here are the foods running through my mind right now.

Bombay House
Eat all of these things with copious amounts of garlic naan. Via
If you're in Provo I recommend a few places to eat. This is one of them. I remember when this was the ONLY good place to dine in the city. I think we had Bombay and the Red Robbin in the mall. Seriously though, this is the best Indian cuisine I have ever had and I really super duper like Indian food. Plus, the staff is incredibly friendly and will remember you (because you probably go there weekly). They have a Salt Lake Location, but P-town is where it's at. I eat: Sag Aloo & Vegetable Coconut Kurma.

I feel like I should write a sonnet about Communal. I wont.  Another Provo restaurant, Communal's fresh, seasonal, ever evolving menu has never disappointed me. Eating there is more like an experience. The atmosphere is kind of hipsterish, but not in a snobby way. The seating is (obviously) communal style tables, which I like to look at as an opportunity for someone to share their food with me. I eat: Marinated Beet Salad

Moochies Meatballs
There's no such thing as a pretty picture of a meatball sandwich. So just trust me. photo via yelp
Moochie's is known for their meatball sandwiches, but their Philly's are to die for. Die. For.
When I visit the downtown SLC location, I load my Philly up with jalapenos and their jalapeno sauce that I don't really know what is in it but it's sosososososo good. Moochie's is more of a fast foodish joint and I always feel a bit shameful eating their creations, so I take it home and consume it alone while wearing a bib. I eat: Philly's and fried ravioli. Yes, FRIED FREAKING RAVIOLI.


Sammy's is in Provo and you should go there for the pie shakes. It's a piece of pie, blended in a shake. I don't really feel like I should have to convince you. If you want to eat "food" with your pie shake, they have big burgers and sweet potato fries, too. ......... pie shake. Do it.
I eat: Hyrum's Awesome Aussie (pineapple, ham, eggs, fry sauce and grilled onions on a burger) and Peach Cobbler Pie Shakes.

The Pie Pizzaria
Thai Pie. via

This is not a hole in the wall pizza place, it's a hole in the ground pizza place. The Pie has various locations around SLC, but you're best off going to the og underground spot because it's the most awesomest. Their pizza is my favorite pizza in the state because it is cheap, innovative, delicious and garlicky. Oh and beer. Pitchers of beer in Utah are the most refreshing things ever. Why? Because next to no restaurants sell good old fashioned pitchers. You'd get why this is so important if you were a Utahn. I eat: THE MOUNTAIN OF MEAT PIZZA. There's also vegan and gluten free options, but why would you get those when there's an entree with the word's mountain and meat in the title?
Told ya it was underground.

There are so many amazing places to eat in my precious Utah and it makes me happy to see more blogger conferences choosing Salt Lake City as their event location. I know, I know- I left out about 20 other amazing dines, but you'll just have to follow me on IG and Yelp while I'm in town.

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I gotch you.


  1. ugh. my son has food poisoning so for the last few hours i haven't been hungry at all.

    but now my stomach is growling.

    1. I hope he is feeling better..mostly so you can eat without smelling child vomit in your hair.