Monday, March 24, 2014

Mom's List of JUST STOP IT

Photo shopping children to look skinnier than they really are. 

My daughter is NOT fat. She is a normal shaped girl. And so is your daughter. So please, don't make her taller and thinner. Or give her a jagged, square crotch.

Fruit juices that either have too much sugar or give you diarrhea.
For reals. I'm all for less sugar and sending my kids off to school with a clear conscious, but I don't need to pick up my daughter from the nurses station because she has mud butt. Conversely, I don't need my step kids to be cracked out from da' juice. Unless they are about to be picked up by their "real" mother for the night. (mwahahahahahahaha)


Just stop. Just stop. Just stop.

School Fundraising. 
Here's the rub: I am in charge of all the fundrasing for my PTA. Let me just say, I can't stand how much junk I make these kids peddle. Candy, wrapping paper, jog a thon (that's just begging), cookies... Unfortunately, stuff like assemblies and field trips cost money, and PTA has to foot the bill. So I can't stop. And it makes me crazy.

Radio Disney artists being bad examples. 
-I won Miley Cyrus tickets this year. You know what I absolutely couldn't do? Take my 8 year old daughter to see her perform. Because Miley isn't Hannah Montana anymore. I understand she's 18? 19? now, but it seems like just yesterday she was on Disney.
-My daughter came home from school and asked me if Harry from 1D really was naked on the internet. She now knows that is a possibility.
-Kids on the playground were talking about Grammy drunk Selena Gomez. My 8 year old knows what drunk is now. Thanks.

Radio Disney. 
How about you guys stop playing music that I can find on mainstream stations? Play Lion King, Frozen and Little Mermaid soundtracks. If you have to edit the song, it is probably not appropriate to play on R-Diz. Play Disney music again, please. Then, just maybe, I wouldn't have an 8 year old who knows what drunk is.

Thanks for letting me get that out.

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