Thursday, March 6, 2014

Breaking the Self Loathing Cycle

February was the worst. THE WORST! January wasn't great, either. 
However, March is swell. My creative juices are flowing again, I finally got over my sinus infection from hell and I am back on track with life. It feels good to not hate myself today, you know?
That weird stomach/intolerance bug thing is GONE, btw. Turns out the medication I was taking for another thing (a lady thing) was causing me to have tons of unrelated problems. Like depression and sleeping for 16 hours a day. Once the meds were out of my system, it was like I woke up a completely new Good Ol' Julie. And it feels wonderful. What a frickin' wasted 6 months. 
I completely over indulged during the holidays (which extended past Valentine's day for me) and I am shedding the thigh bulk with The New Lean For Life. It is a very adaptive program for just about any weight class. I'm only looking to lose some stubborn flab, but the cool thing about this program is it teaches you how to eat for life. Like, when I lose the 10 pounds I got for Christmas, I can keep them off for good without doing these BS yo yo diets I'm blogging about all the time. I like this program because it leaves me enough wiggle room that I won't completely relapse and find myself knee deep in donuts. If I really NEED to cheat, I can cheat (but so far I haven't..I'm in 4 days which is a donut free record). 
I'm out of the habit of working out, but I don't feel like a failure. What?! 

I hope March is the new January for everyone else, too. 


  1. "I hope March is the new January for everyone else, too." Amen to that!! I couldn't agree with this statement more.