Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Am I a Blogger or Do I Just Have a Blog? #LALLBLOG14 Scholarship

This question has been running through my head for the last couple of weeks, since being asked by another parent about my professional life. So, Julie, do you have a job?
My first impulse is always to say, (cue whomp whomp sound effect) "No, I'm just a stay at home mom". However, there is a little, squeaky, empowered voice in the back of my throat that sometimes says,
"I write a blog". 
Don't be a fooly, vote for Julie.
This line has been not working for me since 3rd grade.
The point is, I feel like in the last year, I have learned a great deal about what this corner of the internets means to me. At times, this domain is nothing more than a photo album or a writer's nightmare. Yet other days, I desperately need to communicate with all you other humans who get me. At times, this blog is my SOS. 

And now, to the nitty-gritty of this maudlin post, I'd like to ask a favor:
I need a vote of confidence to take this blog to another level.. In the last year, I have somehow fumbled my way through different writing adventures, reviews and subjected you readers to countless sponsored posts that had little or nothing to do with me at all. I really don't want to continue down that road. I want to use this space for something more meaningful that connects with other, like minded writers and readers to accomplish more than a half rate blog, fueled by swag. I know I can do better than this, I just don't know how..yet.

With that in mind, I am applying for a scholarship to the LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS NATIONAL CONFERENCE. At this conference, I am hoping to learn more about writing for an audience (which is something I never really consider before typing a post..sorry about all the times I've written about my digestive system and any fart jokes*), how to successfully partner with other networks and brands to offer quality content and less eye rolling sponsored messes. There's potential here, I just gotta find it. And my car keys. No, seriously. Mami really needs to run some errands today.
*In no way does this mean I will stop writing about my digestive system or making fart jokes. 

If you are interested in attending the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference in Los Angeles, you can find more information here and should check their Facebook Page.
Also, thank you to Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective  and So Cal Lady Bloggers for their scholarship consideration and general awesomeness.