Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10 Things I learned When I Ran Away to Vegas Pt 2

*This post is part of #RunAwayToVegas and sponsored by The Plaza, Las Vegas and Y'all better recognize. 
Here's part UNO if you missed or just need to read it (or look at that bacon jalapeno masterpiece) again.

Alrighty then, let's part 2

6. Tamales are the new cupcakes
te amo mucho

Yes, I unabashedly ate a lot of food. However, while stuffing my gob, I noticed a new trend. Remember when everything was cupcakes? Well, now everything is tamales. I had sweet tamales on two separate occasions en Las Vegas (because now we're Latin) and both were equally good and different from one another. El Segundo Sol served a sweet corn tamale with jalapenos and mexican crema that was incredibly filling and balanced. Border Grill offered a gooey, sweeter version on their brunch menu that was a perfect breakfast or dessert item. Point is, TAMALES: You should be eating more of them.

Neat-o mob stuff!
7. Sometimes, wise guys finish first.
There is a museum off Fremont Street that is solely dedicated to gangsters. Hello, MOB MUSEUM. 
I've always been morbidly fascinated with crime, death and all things mafia, so I really enjoyed this attraction. It is housed in the former federal building, which is historic on it's own. The exhibits feature artifacts from Las Vegas organized crime rings, as well as nationally famous bosses (Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano...). There are tons of interactive exhibits as well, like this vibrating electric chair replica. Only in Vegas, amiright?

Keeping it classy and moving right along..

I don't even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. 
In any case, I was invited to go shooting at the Gun Garage, a firing range where visitors can shoot ridiculously ridiculous machine guns, assault rifles and other automatic weapons without needing a gun licence. was really fun. With instruction, I shot a glock (pistol) and an Uzi (submachine gun) while in a very controlled and safe environment. Look at me, Mom!

 9. All Bars should be Candy Bars
I want candy!
Kardashifans, listen up! Sugar Factory is a restaurant and a candy store and an ice cream parlor and a bar. I am going to focus on the bar in this post, because that's the important part...and because they put candy in their alcoholic drinks. THEY PUT CANDY IN BOOZE. I had a smore's martini, because that exists in the Sugar Factory universe. Aj had a Tootsie Pop flavored whiskey drink, Marla had a peanut butter cup martini and Xenia had a fish bowl full of vodka, mixers, dry ice and gummy worms that was called a "White Gummy" (I was very jealous of Xenia). The bar was packed the whole night and everyone was having a great time. The Sugar Factory is on my must do list for Las Vegas from now on. It is hands down the funnest restaurant I've ever been to. Oh and Chris, the non drinker, had an ice cream shake that probably gave her diabetes.
 I. Loved. This. Place.

10. I am too old for WoooooooVegas!
One thing I failed to mention in any of my posts, is that I went to bed before 11 PM every single night on this trip. I didn't hit any clubs or crazy dancing-on-the-table bars..I didn't even gamble. I still had a really great time doing the non typical Vegas stuff and I returned home able to look my husband (and mother) in the eye. With the exception of one R rated show (review coming soon!) and the gun range (maybe the kids could watch?), everything I did in Vegas could be turned into a family activity. Which is great, because I know there will be very little opportunity to return without the possums. 

I hope you have enjoyed following my trip so far, the giveaway is coming up TOMORROW!


  1. smore's martini! megas bus giveaway!

  2. Do they serve it with the skewer?

  3. That smores martini sounds delicious! So does Xenia's drink!!

  4. I gotta try Border Grill next time I am in LV. I love the one in LA!