Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Donut Dream

I've got a thing for donuts. When I lived in Utah, my main peeve was the lack of proper donut shops, and FTR: baked donuts a la grocery store are not real donuts. Sorry, Smith's. Fritters need to be fried.
Now that I'm back in California, where a donut bodega is on every corner, I can indulge whenever I want (and I do). And while I'm there, I can buy lottery tickets/cigarettes/incense/boba tea/plastic slip on sandals with one strap that only come in one size. Yay bodegas!
I am a repeat Bacon MapleBar offender.
However, I over did it during the months of October, November, December and half of January. My pants no longer fit. I'm only up a couple of pounds, but my pants are sad.
I've gone 3 days without a donut, and this morning I had the donut dream. I was meeting my Brother in Law, Julio, for a donut (which is odd, just trust me, this is odd) and the shop we went to was out of control
Here were some of the flavors my dream shop offered:
Rum Raisin
Apple fritter with Del Taco crinkle fries on top
Tamarind Chamoy (I've lived in La Habra way too long)
Strawberry Cheesecake
Maple Bar with Red Hot's on top
And I'm waiting in line to get my donuts, but the white lady (this is also very odd) behind the counter wont acknowledge me. I mean, I was dying for a fix! Finally, I reached behind the counter and snagged a plain sprinkle. It was the best donut I've ever had. I'm not joking, I woke up with my pillow in my mouth.

And now, I've got to reevaluate my life, because I just had a fantasy about a plain sprinkle.


  1. A maple bar with red hots sounds so good. I've passed Boston Donuts twice after you shared on FB about it and still haven't gone in, I hate myself.

  2. I want it. Whatever's in your mouth in that photo -- I want it.