Thursday, January 16, 2014

Absinthe Las Vegas (reviewing the green fairy)

This sponsored post is part of #runawaytovegas and brought to you by Absinthe Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace. 

There are lots of shows in Las Vegas. Classy, thought provoking performances that leave you moved and enlightened.
Absinthe is not one of those shows. 
And that's why I loved it.
The Green Fairy closing the show
The show begins with a ceremonious opening of a bottle of absinthe and the rest of the performance flows like the drink: intoxicating.

I had a hard time writing this review, because the performances that make up this variety show are all completely different from one another. However, after weeks of deep reflection, I found one common attribute: All the performances are really f--ing good. (again, deep reflection)

Crazy Eastern European roller skaters.

During the course of about an hour, Absinthe viewers are treated to acrobatic performances, raunchy comedy, strong men being strong, a streaking tight rope walker,  roller skaters with death wishes and a burlesque green fairy. Oh, and a scantily clad girl jumping up and down inside a bubble, which happened to be my favorite part of the show.

Photo Courtesy Xenia of Raised By Culture 
Absinthe is performed in the round so there is not a bad seat in the house. Which was good for me, because I'm a cheap seats kind of girl. However, the big money front seat ticket holders get to have a little bit of extra fun before the show in a swanky lounge and are fodder to be messed with by the show's greasy MC, The Gazillionaire.

Tight rope walkers

I went to Absinthe with my Vegas ladies, but I am planning and saving my pennies to return with my husband. It was that good. And that irreverent. He deserves it.
Also, I want to see that bubble girl again.
Bathtub seats at Absinthe Las Vegas


  1. how sad is it that i live in vegas and never even heard of the show? lol! but i saw those bathtub seats and I AM IN.

    1. I loved it! I want a bathtub couch so badly. The humor is REALLY dirty, but I laughed so hard. Worth it.