Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Things I Learned When I Ran Away to Vegas Pt.1

 *This post is part of #RunAwayToVegas and sponsored by The Plaza, Las Vegas and MegaBus.com. Y'all better recognize. 

The Ladies: Chris, Xenia, me Marla and AJ's taking the picture. 

1. Some buses are bigger than others (and if a 10 ton truck crashed into us..we'd be okay because we're already on a double decker bus). 
We took a Mega Bus instead of driving our own cars because (duh) MB invited us to try their service out and give a review..and none of us own a car we could all fit in. Well, I guess the ladies could fit in my Volvo if we used the rear facing 3rd row seat..

The bus ride was actually pretty sweet. Each seat reclined, was equipped with an outlet and the bus had WiFi. FYI (in case you haven't driven from California to Vegas) most of the drive is through the desert where there is NO signal. Having WiFi was rad. Also, Mega Bus has an on-board bathroom, so we didn't have to make any pit stops. I was able to chill/nap/smartphone/zone out the whole way.

I just wanted to be in The Plaza lobby the whole time. I wish this was my living room. (photo courtesy confessionsofafatgirl.net

2.The Plaza is {still} swanky.
We stayed at The Plaza on Fremont street, which is "off the strip" and otherwise known as Old Las Vegas. The Plaza is one of the older hotels and has recently completed remodeling.
The rooms are very retro feeling with zebra wood paneling everywhere. Needless to say, I loved it.
Marla's vegggggies..at the Churrascaria. Veg head.

3. I am a glutton.
I ate insane amounts of food on this trip. The best part? It was all good food. No ghetto-dilla's for me. Las Vegas has just about every type of restaurant imaginable. I had stellar Mexican food at El Segundo Sol, Brazillian BBQ at Pampas, pizza at Sugar Factory and an unbelievable brunch at Border Grill. A month later, I think I am still full. I will touch more on this later.

4. Jalapenos and Peanut Butter.
How it's done, son!
Okay, just kidding, right back to the food. Because I am thinking about the greatest breakfast creation I have ever had. Border Grill makes a Bacon Jalapeno PB&J. Ho-li cow it is good. They take a biscuit, smother on peanut butter and jelly, throw some jalapenos in the mix, add a couple pieces of bacon and top it off with an egg, sunny side up. And then your mind is blown. Border Grill has a location in LA and is supposedly getting the brunch menu soon. I WILL GO EVERY SUNDAY FOR THIS.

5.Not all wax museums are the same. 
I have been to a couple of wax museums in my day, and Madame Tussaud's stands alone. Guys, this place is really cool! The wax figures are so lifelike I was pardoning myself after accidentally bumping into Snoop Dog ('s figure). You're allowed and encouraged to get up close and personal with the figures, which I totally did. I may have even inappropriately grabbed some body parts...I needed to be thorough in my review. 10/10 would grab visit again.
Open Your Mind! and come back tomorrow!

Alright! So there was part one. Stay tuned for part DEUX tomorrow and Vegas giveaway, coming up!

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