Friday, December 6, 2013

Vinnie at 7

Lately, Vinnie has been cracking me up. She's not as boy crazy as she was a year ago, and is turning into her own little (still kind of bossy) person.
She knows EXACTLY what she wants and has very high expectations.... which is good and bad at times. It's kind of like harnessing the force. If her padawan training is successful, she will turn out to be an incredibly shrewd and successful business woman. I have this vision of her running a company and being an amazing female powerhouse.

Also, she is my foodie. When we have kid's choice dinner, she goes with sushi or lobster. Naturally.
If given the choice between a crappy cheese sammy for lunch or leftover pasta..she'll choose the leftover pasta. In fact, she'll request it.

I know that I am extremely hard on V, but only because I know she can handle it. She has the capability to be a leader. She will be my rock when sh*t hits the fan. I can absolutely count on her to keep perspective in the crazy step family world she has to live in.

And on Wednesdays, I absolutely miss her.
Stupid schedule.

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  1. that is exactly my isa! and you said it perfectly.. if that force is harnessed - look out! lady presidents in the making!