Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Neon Museum: A Typographer's Dream

Disclaimer: This post is part of #RunAwayToVegas. I received free admission in exchange for a review. That doesn't mean The Neon Museum wasn't toally bad ass, so read on! 

Last weekend I went to The Neon Museum in Las Vegas. It is the "bone yard" where discarded neon signs go to live (die?)(.....).
It was an amazing tour and photo walk. As a typography nerd, I was in heaven photographing all the incredible signage.

Typogrogasm aside, the Neon Museum was a great place to take a break from the loud, stuffy casinos. The museum is outside, off the strip and offers guided tours by very informative docents who are absolutely passionate about neon signs. After a thorough explanation about how neon signs are made and the chemistry behind their creation, I still have no clue how neon signs actually work. Regardless, I now have an appreciation for the craftmanship and pure artistry involved in making them. I mean, someone has to heat up the glass tubes, bend them by hand and fill them with different gasses (magic?), charge them (with more magic?) and somehow install the glass tubes without breaking them. I'm pretty sure there is magic involved.
If you are interested in visiting The Neon Museum, you can find more information at:
Day tours are $18.00 ($12.00 for Nevada residents) and last 60 minutes.
Totally worth it!! (see!?)

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