Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#RunAwayToVegas Getaway and Giveaway Announcement!

The holiday stress can be a killer. Don't believe me? Google: Chinese Boyfriend Jumps to His Death While Shopping With his Girlfriend. Truth.
For our mental health, a group of fabulous ladies and I have decided to take a quick detour this weekend in Las Vegas. Just us. No families, no spouses; ultimate girl time. (wooo!)
To make things interesting for the internets, we've decided to share our Vegas Vacation with you all!
Keep up with our trip and enter for a chance to win your own Vegas Getaway! I hope you'll connect with me and my fellow road trippers (AJ, Chris, Marla and Xenia) and join in the fun during our trip.
Follow through Twitter and Instagram via #RunAwayToVegas, and check back for your chance to win!

Here are some spoilers:
-We'll be taking a MEGABUS to Vegas and back (for megafun! and because driving blows)
-The Plaza has invited us to stay and experience their newly remodeled rooms!
-Seeing shows, touring Inglot, shooting guns and EATING FOOD.
-Lots of food.
Did I mention there will be food?

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