Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hey, I'm not cheap! I'm frugal. Well good for you. Now go make your way to a different blog, because I am straight up, all about the cheapo Christmas.
But you wrote about DVD gift giving. Have you seen the price of DVD's lately? I'm talking singular DVD's, not blu ray combo stuff. Go to Target and look at the impulse rack by the register. $5 DVDs. Right there. Now, you take that DVD home, throw it in a basket, add some treats, a drink... baby you got a gift going! (it just felt right)

We do a cheapo Christmas around here for two reasons:
#1 We're poor
#2 We are saving for our dream house. Not the Barbie kind.

However, I don't think we would put on a big Christmas, even if we were better off. We've done it before and I'm over it. I've spent my time hunting down THE PRESENT she wanted, only to find it, wrap it, give it and experience my kid playing with it for 5 seconds before tossing it aside. Last year, most of the presents I purchased for my girls were from the $.99 Max Jumbo Bodega Market down the street.
And you know what? They loved all their gifts. And I didn't feel bad when they stopped playing with their knick knacks a couple of hours later and reverted to Netflix mode. In fact, their favorite gifts-the only things they still play with a year later- are some jenky magnetic paper dolls I scored 2/$1. I'm actually on the hunt for more magnetic dress up things to further clutter our fridge, because I know this gift works for us.
So please, don't feel bad about not giving them absolutely everything they want. Your kids won't stop believing in Santa Clause because you didn't get them the robotic pony that costs $150. Vinnie's been asking for that thing since 2011 and she hasn't lost faith. Santa's just waiting for it to go on clearance.

Cheapo Christmas Tips
-Start shopping in January. Buy up the clearance and store it away.
- If you must purchase a Monster High doll for your daughter, super glue those hands, arms and feet in place. It is the only way to keep that doll in play for more than 5 seconds.
-Groupons. No one needs to know that facial only cost you $9 to give.
-Family pictures. Walgreens always has crazy photo deals in December. I scored a couple of free 8x10's last year and was able to buy nicer frames to give as grandparent gifts.
-Hickory Farms stands in the mall get crazy discounted the week of Christmas. Buy those goodies up at 75% off. I have never seen anyone bummed out about getting cheese and smoked meats for Christmas. Plus, Ron Swanson approves.


  1. We usually buy our kiddos one big gift for Christmas because they get so much stuff from their grandparents and aunts and uncles. I do go cheapo for all of our extented family. I'm sure they always are wondering what crappy gift I will get them this year-however, I just can't afford awesome gifts for everyone. I wish there wasn't so much expectation to buy a gift for everyone in our extended family.

    1. I totally hear you. My sister and sis in-law have a pre Christmas pow wow and discuss what we can and can't do for the cousins for xmas. Some years we draw names, other years we just send dollar spot or handmade gifts. Christmas shouldn't be about the gift giving and holiday pressure! Like Charlie Brown said, "AAAARRRRRGGG"

  2. We are doing cheapo Christmas this year too but plan to stick with it from now on. If you do it every year it's no longer consider cheap, it's considered tradition. I do not like the sense of entitlement kids have these days when it comes to holidays. I would rather have a pile of really awesome memories of the stuff we did together than a pile of crap toys.