Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas FTW!

It finally happened. On Christmas day, no less.
Triggered by me saying "NO" the 4 year old wanting to apply purple eye shadow all over her face (minutes before leaving to go to a Christmas party).
"I don't like you, I only like my mom" 
As a former poopy child, I was not surprised or all that phased by the statement. No tears were shed on my part and I was only mildly irked for about 30 minutes. I consider that a win.
The two other sisters turned white and looked like they were going to throw up after hearing Anabel say that to me. I also consider that a win.
At times they make me want to set myself on fire, but I still love them. 
Later that day, Bel was back to being cute and stuck on me like glue. However, the words are out; they've been uttered and there is no turning back.
I didn't have any kind of comeback when she shouted her allegiance to her mother. I didn't want to egg her on or discourage her from loving her mom. I kind of just ignored it..Is that what I'm supposed to do? I gave her a look (crazy mom eyes) and stood like a rock.
Advice. Please and thank you.
And now, I'm moments away from escaping everything and everyone for a few days, and heading to San Franciso with my husband. Just us! What timing! A vacation away from being a rotten stepmom. Hells to the yes.


  1. I do the exact same thing. The words have never been uttered out loud, but my three year old step-son occasionally has fits when he comes to our house. Or when we play he will suddenly say he wants HIS Mom & not me.

    I grew up with divorced parents. For me, it stemmed from not wanting my bio parents to feel like I loved my step-parents because I thought it would make them sad. And vice versa.

    Keep up the good fight, step-mama!

  2. You did it perfectly. And consider it a compliment--you are safe enough for her to lash out at. If she was worried you wouldn't still love her, she would never say anything.

  3. I've said worse to my bio-parents. You handled it perfect, love!