Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vacation Time

I am in Phoenix this week visiting my friend, Jess (IROCKSOWHAT), and having a great time..not doing much of anything.
My original plan was to bring my entire family to invade Jess's space and pantry..sadly, at the last minute, Jeffrey had to work.
My first instinct was to just take all the kids without him, but I remembered that I don't technically have the rights to all of the girls. Pity party ensued until I (again) remembered that while I couldn't take the kids, I COULD take myself and the one child that is 100% mine. Turned out to be a good second choice. This has been a relaxing trip and Averie is having a great time with Jess's son, Wyatt.
I have never been to Phoenix before, and I like it so far. Tons of Mexicans, which means tons of Mexican markets, so I feel pretty at home. I like to stay within a 2 mile radius of a readily supply of marranitos. Those piggie cookies are a staple in my diet.
Also, Phoenix is CHEAP. I'm liking the gas price situation here, so in the event that I had to drive farther than 2 miles to get some decent pan dulce, I wouldn't turn into angry HulkJulie.
I will be here for a couple more days, is there anything I should seek out while here? Touristy gems?


  1. I live in Az. :-) Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall is great. Also it's right by downtown Scottsdale which is great to walk around and is very touristy. Downtown Tempe is fun too. If you guys are able to drive up north, Sedona is beautiful and a great place to visit.