Sunday, November 17, 2013

That Bloglovin' Has Got to Go!

I need to catch up on all your wonderful blogs, but my Bloglovin and not? Google Reader? is totally clogged with a zillion wunderful German fashion blogs I got tipsy and over-followed that one night...
Oh, and blogs I followed to not win any of those Kitchen Aids/iPads/$500 Target gift cards...
And blogs that BL was like, you might like this blog so you should click +follow and I was all like, "Okay" but I have never read a post, ever.
Whew. Eff Grammar.

They got to go! GO!
I am mildly obsessed with this movie, btw.

I am going to clear everyone out and refollow you, because I really do love you and hate being a selfish lover who never comments back.

Also, send me a link to your blog if I don't already follow you.

.....Really, is it still Google Reader on my homepage? What is the difference now..Or am I hot tub time machined on my blog? It all still looks the same.


  1. :oD now that's going to be a whole lot of work, chickee! But it's kinda like spring cleaning.
    I would suggest watching one or two episodes of "Hoarders". That definitely helps ME cleaning whatever a LOT :oD

  2. i don't know if you read my blog, but i read yours. i did the same thing about unfollowing so many people. when i first started blogging i would randomly follow whoever, and then i ended up with an enormous list of people that i have no idea who they are.

  3. I've had to do a 'spring cleaning' before with all the blogs that I read. I always feel so much better after. :)
    Shout out to your blog... I love it!