Sunday, October 20, 2013

that thing where I want to eat all the chocolate because chocolate.

My current view.
Tomorrow I'm having some blood work done to try and get to the bottom of mystery illness X(abdominal cramps, dizziness, lethargy, rapid heart beat and a few other pesky things). I have a lipids test, which means 12 hours of fasting I will eat chocolate up until 11 hours and 59 seconds before I need to begin to fast.
My husband has been out of town for a week now, and I have found that the only thing keeping me from binge eating chocolate all the time (other than the intense stomach bug I have been battling) is the small level of shame I feel stuffing my gob full of mini Twix. Instead, I ingest large amounts of chocolate covered caramel with a cookie center, immediately before bed, so I can sleep my guilty conscience off.
It goes like this: Fun size Twix's, knock back 1200mg of ibuprofen for the tummy cramps, climb under my down comforter and watch Walking Dead on Netflix via phone until my eyes burn out of their sockets.
Too much Walking Dead?
I was single not too long ago..was this what I did before I was married? Is this what you do when your spouse isn't home?
Less thinking, more zombie chocolate.

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  1. I'm embarrassed to mention how many bags of chocolate we've gone through in the last few weeks. And by we, I mean me since the hubs is pretty diligent about low carbing it. But then, I discovered his Kryptonite --- Butterfingers!

    Never seen a bad get demolished so quickly ;)