Friday, October 4, 2013

#OCAutoShow Recap

*The Orange County International Auto Show gave my family tickets in exchange for entry to the exhibit. All opinions are mine!
We went to the Orange County International Auto Show yesterday and it was VERY cool. I took my husband (obvs) and Averie with me to navigate through the however many thousands of square feet we needed to cover to see EVERYTHING (we didn't make it through the whole show).

We started in the press room where we were briefed with a little history about the auto show, and the consumer power that moms like me and you (if you're a mom reading this) have in the auto industry. 
According to Cooper Tires, women make 65 percent of new car purchases and 45 percent of light trucks and SUV purchases.*
Yup, that's right. It makes perfect sense to me. My husband brings home the bacon, but I'm the one who cooks it. Take that, dudes!
With that in mind, I decided to look for the things that matter to me while checking out the cars at the show.

 Averie nonplussed 
Obviously, my first stop was the Toyota Sienna (my precious). This minivan has everything I am looking for in a vehicle:
Safety- Almost as safe as my Volvo (there you go, husband!)
Trunk space- we could have fit one more body in there!
Seat Manuverability- I can put seats down and completely remove them all by myself
Mom-Arm Radius- I can stretch back with my right arm and reach 2/4 children (for smacking).
MPG- Decent for a minivan
Someday we will need a bigger vehicle and I have made it known to my husband that this is the one I want (I will probably end up with an old a-team van or something).

The view from the front seat of my Jeep Wrangler test drive.
One hand was holding my camera, the other was hanging on for dear life. 
After my family pried me away from my dream car, we headed to Camp Jeep to take a ride in the 2014 Wrangler- a 35 degree angle ride. Those things can go anywhere. I have a new respect for the Moab Utah, Jeep Safari dudes.

Averie got to take a test drive, too.

We pretty much wandered around the rest of the show and drooled on cars for the rest of the afternoon. Good thing there were vendors to sell car cleaners that take drool off of cars, because I saw a lot of people salivating.

If I didn't have 4 kids I'd totally get a Kia Soul. I was sold at Hamster in a suit.
If you're interested in checking out the Orange County International Auto Show, hop on over to their site and get a sweet deal on tickets! Averie had a great time, I had a great time and my husband hated it. Just kidding.
KIA Optima test drive game. Observers get to throw virtual obstacles on the game's course.
I had fun with that one.
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  1. I cannot condone an Aquaman-mobile. No. Just no. I can, however, condone "Mom-Arm Radius" - best caption ever.

  2. We also love the OC Auto Show! Great recap.