Friday, October 18, 2013

Mouse-Eared Girl: The Best Time to Disneyland!

I can't really think of a bad time to visit Disneyland resort, but as a seasoned tourist, I can share my favorite times to visit The Happiest Place on Earth.

Christmas Time

When vacationers think of Disneyland at Christmas, the first image that comes to mind is the CROWDS. However, that doesn't stop most Disneylanders from making the pilgrimage to Main Street U.S.A's giant Christmas tree. The entire park is a jolly holiday and visitors will find special seasonal attractions, parades and souvenirs that are unavailable during the rest of the year. Not to mention the cooler Southern California weather makes standing in longer lines much more bearable than on a hot summer day.


Halloween Time

UntitledDuring the month of October, the Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize and turn Disneyland Park into a trick or treat hot spot during Mickey's Halloween Party.
Tickets are oodles less than a regular daytime ticket and costumed visitors are treated to exclusive Halloween parades and get to hit up trick or treat stations throughout the park. Plus, Disney villains are on the prowl, ready for photo ops and autographs. It is a great time to see your favorite least favorite meanies.

A Tuesday in February

The holiday season is over, the kids are back in school and most of the crowds have dissipated! I love visiting the park during off seasons, the lines are short (30 min avg for the very popular attractions) and the weather is crisp. Come the middle of March, the park picks up for spring break and warm weather brings more tourists. Mid-week off season is my favorite time for grown up visits to the park. A bowl of clam chowder from Cafe Orleans or a Market House hot chocolate is just what one needs to fight off the gloomy weather blues.

*This post originally appeared on my Disney Blog, Mouse-Eared Girl. It is not a sponsored post, I just have a lot of love for Dland and wanted to share. All content is my work.


  1. I LOVE Disneyland. My family and I were able to go just this past September. It was my first time going during the time Disneyland considers it their 'off season'. I have to say it was very nice going during this time. The longest time we waited in a line was for 30 min, and that was only for one or two rides. The rest we were able to pretty much walk right on. The weather was cool, and Disneyland was in the process of setting up decorations for Halloween. The only downside was that some of the main attractions- Haunted House, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain rail road were closed, and the park closed early too. :)

  2. My loved ones as well as We could proceed simply earlier this Sept. It had been my personal very first time heading in the period Disneyland views this their own 'off season'. I must state it had been excellent heading during this period. The actual greatest period all of us anxiously waited inside a collection had been with regard to thirty minutes, which had been just for a couple of trips. The remainder all of us could virtually stroll directly on.

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