Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just No.

That thing where you look at your "last published post" and realize that it's been almost 10 days...
Yeah, I am there right now.
Life is way too friggidy friggin busy lately. Between PTA, Girl Scouts, helping out in classrooms, taking care of my own family (I am aware that this falls at the bottom of the list) and.. showering? Yeah, showering is the last thing I actually have time for these days, the blog has been neglected.
I never thought I would end up like my mother.
I was the baby of the family for half of my childhood. I remember tagging along with my mom to all the *crap* she had signed herself up for, and thinking WHY?? Why did she do all this stuff for other people?
Her reasons were probably genuine and she truly enjoyed being a community-church-school-Philharmonic Society-Boy Scout leader.
And yes, I like being in PTA, room momming is cool and I adore my Girl Scout Troop...
In the last month, I have said yes to a lot of things. Here are some examples:
Julie, can you paint a red ribbon mural for the school? No Yes
Can you collate a zillion copies of ________? No Yeah, I can do that. *nervous chuckle*
I need someone to chair whatever PTA whatever.... Not me! Okay (frownsmile)
No one has volunteered for the classroom tomorrow do you think you could... uhhhh Sure.
Meetings, meetings, meetings-yes, yes, yes.
And lastly
Do you think you could run a cake walk at the school carnival? no. I...I just don't think I can. 
HEY! I really said NO finally! Can you believe it?
You shouldn't, because I totally didn't say no. I let my friend, who actually has a pair of lady cahones, say no for me.
Because I just couldn't.
So now you know.

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  1. Aaaaah now I know I'm not alone! Well, in my case, sometimes I don't have a lot of energy, so whenever I I'm feeling well, I start a lot of projects, I say yes to everybody, I'm everywhere... And then a couple of days later, when I'm feeling low-energy, I feel overwhelmed by everything that I have to do!