Thursday, October 3, 2013

Elimination Diet

Appendix out, we covered that in July. Full recovery made, yada yada, I thought I was back to 100%. However, the last two weeks have been hellish. My stomach has been bloated/distended, I've been gassy (sorry universe), I gained 5 pounds over night, my hearts been racing and I've just wanted to sleep all the time.
I went to the Dr. today, because last night my appendix hole? Phantom appendix? was killing me.
Guess what? New research shows that the appendix actually houses certain types of probiotics that aid in digestion of foods like: GLUTEN.
I love gluten. Everything is gluten. I am shaking my fist at the thought of losing gluten. WHYYYYYYYYYY Gluten?!
My doctor put me on an elimination diet to figure out why my body is angry and I am supposed to check back with him in a month.
If you haven't heard of an elimination diet, let me lay it out for you..
I pretty much can't eat anything good for 3 weeks (no red meat, chicken, pork, nightshade veggies, citrus, GLUTEN, sugar, nuts, beans, dairy, caffeine...). I can have fruit, fish and veggies.
After week 3 I add something in and see if my body goes ape sh*t.
Through process of elimination I figure out what is going on.
Please pray for my gut.

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  1. :o( I feel you. Same problem here. Yep, after my appendix had to leave.

    Fingers crossed, chickee!