Sunday, September 15, 2013

Perfect Family

Yesterday was one of those days where the contention between the kids overflowed into my marriage. The girls got dropped off and were in crummy moods due to lack of sleep (they have a "different" schedule at their mom's house), the weather was hotter than heck and we had to hustle to get ready to leave for a mini road trip. Tired kids+high temps+deadlines=contention.
The kids started whining and fighting over who was going to sit by who in the car. As we pulled out of the driveway, Cat had a meltdown over ???? and Bel swiped the toy someone was playing with. Screams ensued until Jeffrey squashed the tantrum. Things calmed down for a minute while we were on the freeway, but then we hit traffic. Traffic in our a/c-less car means the cool air flowing through our open windows ceases and we are left to melt.
Que: Fighting.
Everyone started bickering and it carried over to my husband and I. We started discussing money, which turned into a fight about me being a SAHM, which turned into a fight about me not being appreciated and eventually turned into me getting out of the car and demanding to turn around to go home so I can redraft my resume and start job hunting!
Jeffrey talked me into getting back in the car and we resolved to not speak to one another for the rest of the day, which made for the worst road trip ever.
The kids started fighting, but since I was completely shut down, I just let it happen. I completely stopped parenting. Jeffrey (he's a guy) kind of ignored their fighting (guys can do that) and we had heathen screamy kids for the rest of the day.
Boom. Worst family ever.
This morning, I woke up to the sounds of kids fighting and faked sleeping for an extra hour before creeping downstairs for a coffee, curling up into my husbands arms and bawling.
I just can't take the fighting anymore. I know they are just kids, I know this is how kids are, but I am not thick skinned enough to handle it.
Help, please!


  1. I wish I could give some awesome advice, but I totally have none. All I know is kids forgive so easily and that's awesome when you are a mom that makes mistakes. I do know that selfless service is always a good thing when there are yucky feelings between people. Doing nice things for each other when your mad is majorly hard but also turns it around like nothing else. Maybe create a service chart where the girls can do things for each other or something?? Kevin has been gone for almost a week and wont be home for another 5 days. Today, I totally lost it at the kids. I was scary, yelling mom. We all were crying. I totally hit my limit and couldn't stop myself. After cooling off, I sat them down, hugged them, and asked for forgiveness. Every family does it. Keep on keepin' on. You can do it Julie! You are a super mom!

  2. Shutting down is my go-to move, too! And I only have one kid. The fact that you aren`t shut down 24/7 is amazing in itself, to me. (: Thank you for sharing some unpretty, real life!