Monday, September 23, 2013

Horse Racing and Stuff

On Friday I am attending the opening day at Santa Anita Park. Because I am banking on winning millionaire big, I am reading up on horse betting tonight.
This. Crap. Is. Confusing.
There are a jillion different bets you can place on a jillion different horses during the course of a whole bunch of races. You gotta read up on the jockeys, the horses, the owners and when it comes down to brass tax: the horse (s) you bet on just might not feel like winning.
I'll follow up with my racing experience and let you know if I get Oprah Rich on Friday.



  1. I hope you won something at the races this past weekend, and I hope you had a good week as well!

    Btw, I also nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check it out [:

  2. Did you win big? Was it fun? I think the whole thing would confuse me too