Thursday, September 12, 2013

6 Reasons I'm Better at (almost) 30

My idea of a wild night out: Going stroller shopping!

Believe it or not, I look and feel better at 29 than I did when I was 20 years old. Here's why:
-I know how to dress myself
When I was 20, I would try to squeeze myself into low cut, skinny jeans because that's what everyone was wearing. However, as a girl with curves, it was not something I should have been wearing. Let's just say I was buttcrack/muffintop city. To combat the crackage, I would layer my shirts and always wear some sort of long lacy top to make up for the missing length between the top of my jeans and the bottom of my shirt. Sometimes, I'd wear 3 shirts at a time. Which added bulk and just didn't look good. I would have to either fidget with my layers or pull my pants up every 3 minutes. Now, at 29, I accept that I can't pull off junior cuts and just wear clothes that look good on my body. I am the same weight as I was at 20 years old, but now I look thinner because my clothes fit correctly.
-I am comfortable with my flaws
I have big thighs. I have big thighs. I have big thighs. You know what? At 29 I finally I love my big thighs. I am curvy. I will never have chicken legs, regardless of how much weight I lose. I've gone down to 99 lbs and you know what? My thighs were still thunderous (my boobs were like deflated balloons-not hot). At 20, I NEVER would have worn shorts or a skirt more than an inch above my knee because I hated my legs so much. Once I grew up and decided to just love what I have, my self esteem soared and I started to notice that men actually check my thighs out. I was so busy loathing my reflection in windows and mirrors, that I never bothered to check if anyone else was looking. Dang.
-I'm not trying to "be" something
Young people always are something: Hipster, indie rock, punk, psychobilly, gothic..the list goes on. I was PUNK ROCK! because I was and had been since I was a teen. I was preoccupied with what I couldn't wear, do, say or listen to because I was a-- whatever I was. I honestly felt like I couldn't wear a pretty dress or look flattering because it got in the way of my harsh image. I'm glad I grew out of that. So is my mom.
-I don't smoke anymore
I smoked because...well, I'm not sure why I smoked. In the beginning, I guess because it was cool and sexy and everybody smokes. Later, I was simply addicted to cigarettes. FTR, I don't think it is a sexy thing anymore. Actually, being addicted to anything is kind of a turn off. Plus, my skin looked like hell when I was a heavy smoker.
-I'm more natural
I am pretty sure I lost a pound on the scale when I toned down my makeup. Primer, concealer, liquid foundation, Studio Fix, blush, more Studio Fix and some sort of shimmery whatever all over my face, everyday- to cover up my partied out skin. Oh, and let's not forget the eye shadow. Lots of eye shadow. I looked like I was ready to go clubbing at 7 am with my dark makeup on. I wanted to look older and sexier and thought whorish makeup was the way to go. I still wear makeup, but it is subtle. I want to enhance my features, not cover them up with cake makeup and liquid liner.
-I sleep more
Smoking, heavy drinking and partying are super glamorous when you're young, right? Going to the smoke filled club (before indoor smoking laws), dancing all night, passing out at 4AM before you get a chance to wash your makeup off, waking up just in time for work and doing it all over again makes you look and feel worn out. Now I conk out around 10. Partytime.

Point-My life may be "boring", but I am more fulfilled as an adult. Being a mom is sexy. I can't imagine being my age and partying it up as a weekend warrior. Not that I'm old or anything, I still feel young and I think I'm pretty cool (amiright?). I guess I have been paying attention to people my age that still live the party lifestyle and the pang of "freedom jealousy" I used to get has been replaced with feelings of embarrassment for them. Grow the eff up, you're almost 30!
Final thought: Will I look back when I'm 39 and think I was a complete ass at 29? Probably.


  1. You look amazing!! I wish I looked better at 29 than 20. I wear less makeup, too, which I like. But I still looked better before kids : ) Well, at least my boobs and hair did. Also, we could be thigh twins. Go ahead and disagree, but even at 99 pounds, I too have some thunder. I'm totally fine with it, as well. They keep my pants up and have helped me birth 3, (soon to be 4!) babies. 29 is so much better than 20 : )

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you get it. You don't get awesome pregnancy hair? Mine grew like a weed while I was pregnant!

  2. i completely agree with every point you listed. especially the makeup one. i look back at pictures of me from my early twenties and can't believe i ever wore so much eye makeup.

    at least we can laugh about it.

    1. Yeah. I would wear MAC electric eel on a daily basis. If you don't know that it. I'm searching for a picture to upload to complement this post, but I don't have many pictures from my wild days. If there only was a way to retrieve my old myspace account!

  3. julie! you don't have big thighs at all. i can't even believe you think that!

    1. It took 29 years, but at least I am accepting of them (body dysmorphic and all)

  4. Hahaha really good post Julie! I was all of the things above as well....(however my husband and I are still weekend warriors ;) Just not to the same extent. We often times host sleepovers with friends and their kids so they kids play, then they all toddle off to bed and we stay up, make dinner and enjoy some wine. It is certainly not as wild but gives us the adult time we need after a long week. There is definitely a happy medium!