Friday, August 16, 2013

Vinnie's Locks of Love

About a month ago, my sweet, stubborn Vinnie got it into her head that she wanted to donate her locks to "bald kids that don't have no hair". My husband and I warned her that her hair would be REALLY short, would take a long time to grow back, would be really, really, really short and figured she would eventually chicken out or change her mind. Nope. She continued to talk about donating her hair, and insisted that she wanted a short cut, so my husband and I continued to play chicken and prolonged taking her to the salon.
The day before the first day of school, we had to take care of her tresses. Once again, we tried to talk her out of chopping the obligatory 10 inches for Locks of Love and once again, we were shot down.
We took her to Fantastic Sam's in Brea (cuz we're cheap) and she looked the stylist in the eye, pointed to her chin and instructed to "cut it to here".

The stylist did a fantastic job and Vinnie's hair turned out really well. I feel totally foolish for trying to talk her out of a cause she felt passionately about.
After her cut, we took Vinnie's ponytail home and she wrote a letter:
Dear girl who get's my hair.
I am six years old. I hope you like wearing my hair. You can keep it.
We added her letter to the Locks of Love paperwork and mailed it out with her pony tail the next day.
I am so proud of her for sticking to her guns and wanting to help someone less fortunate.
Plus, girl looks fabulous.


  1. her hair looks adorable!

    i have donated my hair to locks of love twice, and around here they give you a free haircut from wherever you want. so i always go to the fancy places that i couldn't normally afford. :)

  2. That's awesome! How proud you both must feel. She is rocking that asymmetrical Bob! She's adorable!

  3. She's so pretty! And so thoughtful, to give her hair to people in need! What a great kid! :)

  4. i've donated my personal locks in order to hair associated with adore two times, as well as close to right here you'll get a totally free haircut through where ever you would like. and so i usually navigate to the extravagant locations which i could not usually pay for.

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