Thursday, August 8, 2013

OC Stepfamilies!

I have been toying with the idea of creating a new blog for a while, one that would let me keep this blog personal and ranty and Julie (less paid writing on here). I like that I can write about whatever I want on WWPF and jump from topic to topic on a post by post basis. From bowel movements to Christmas pictures. I like this blog. However, I like content writing, reviews and attending events (uh..duh).

Doing reviews for Los Angeles pizza places and posting them on this blog doesn't make sense when my readers are NOT from LA. You know what makes sense? Posting them on a blog that is geared for Southern California readers.
You know what else makes sense? Writing the things you know about. I know about stepfamilies. I grew up in one, I am a stepmom. This is my life and every time I write about my blended family, I love and understand this family dynamic a little more.
So, without further adieu ado(!!), I present

Clickme! Clickme!

This site is new. Just born.
I am hoping to transition my reviews and campaigns over to this site from now on, but I have some things already in the works (deadlines, deadlines) that I have to complete on WWPF first. So hang in there, and continue to be my friend on here. And, if you feel so inclined, feel free to take a look around at the new digs and say hello.


  1. "without further adieu"? I don't get it... You do know that in French, "adieu" means "goodbye", right?

    I have to say that I looooved your post "Loving Your Step Kids One Day at a Time"! Great idea, this new blog! I'm not even from OC and I don't know anything about stepfamilies, but I'll follow it, great writing! :)

    1. Thank you! And I will be sure to not use such cliché Franco American sayings that make no sense ;)
      Thank you for the first follow!

    2. I think it's 'without further ado', like 'much ado about nothing'. You were almost there! :)

  2. this is great! I cant wait to read your blog. I don't come from a blended family but i'm in one. Although life is good right now, I always wonder what its like for the step-kid growing up with a step-mom or dad.