Friday, August 23, 2013

Ask a Kid: Back to School Edition

The kids went back to school this week, so I thought I'd throw a tough question their way:
What do Moms do while their kids are at school all day?
The first thing all my girls said was, "Clean the house," but I reminded them that if all the kids are gone, there is no one home for Mom to clean up after. I completely stumped the kids with that, although us moms know the answer "Mom cleans on her free time" is completely right. I hate that they were right!
After pondering the idea of me being home alone, the girls had a few answers for me:
Bel: Moms sit and do nothing.  (what a punk!)
Cat: Watch Netflix and eat cookies and candy.
Vinnie: Sew dresses for their kids. (hint hint?)
Averie: Play video games and take naps.
I won't let on that I do, in fact, watch The Netflix while they're gone...

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