Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sleep Paralysis (the more you know)

This morning, my husband wanted to wake up at 3AM to "do some stuff" before work (what stuff? I dunno). The alarm went off and I woke up. My husband did not. I tried to get him up, but he mumbled to just wake him up at the usual time instead.
Map sleeper
Unfortunately, I couldn't doze back off. I just tossed and turned until my husband got up, and I continued to toss and turn after he left for work around 5:15 am. I am a terrible sleeper.
At about 5:30, I heard my husband come upstairs, felt the weight of the mattress shift, as he got back into bed and felt the pressure of his arm on top of my back. It was so heavy I couldn't breathe, I couldn't roll over, I couldn't move. All of a sudden, my bed started to shake and the sound of the fan blowing in my room was as loud as a jet plane. I mustered the courage to yell, "STOP IT NOW", but my voice sounded like the stylized devil voice in every horror movie ever. At that point, I pretty much pooped my pants with fear.
Car sleeper
Suddenly, I shot up and everything stopped. I was awake, but I had been awake during the whole experience.
Shaking, I laid back down and tried to go to sleep (with a night light on this time). Once again, I heard the front door open, his keys jingle as he came upstairs and felt the weight shift on the other side of my bed as if my husband was getting in, and the pressure of his arm on my back returned, only this time, I felt like I was sinking into my mattress and leaving my body. My chest was on fire and my heart was pounding. All at once, every muscle in my body tensed and I snapped out of it. Again, I had been awake the entire time... or was I?
I immediately contacted Dr. Google to figure out if this had been a very, very, very real dream, or if I needed to call a priest to exorcise me.
Wish I was still asleep sleeper
Turned out I had experienced an episode of Sleep Paralysis. I was going into REM sleep but was still conscious and was, essentially, hallucinating. When you're in REM sleep, your body goes into paralysis as a defense mechanism (sometimes dreams can be wild, this helps you to not flail around like a fish while dreaming), but if you're not entirely asleep, this is effing terrifying.
Anyways, I just had to share this because I wanted to know if anyone else has ever had this happen to them?


  1. i have had sleep paralysis on and off since i was a child. i also talk in my sleep and used to be an avid sleep walker until my teens.

    both of my boys randomly experience night terrors that they don't remember. we are awesome sleepers around here. hah. husband could sleep through the apocalypse. so i think maybe he's got the good end of the deal.

  2. Duuude, my Husband was just telling me all the times he's experienced sleep paralysis and I secretly didn't believe him! I guess I have to believe him now lol.

  3. Holy crap. That sounds scary as hell! :(