Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pulpo: It's What's for Dinner

Getting your children to eat their food can be tricky. One way I have helped my kids to enjoy eating is by having a weekly kid's choice dinner. Each week, one child gets to plan the menu. I thought I'd share this week's menu a la Vinnie.

Untitled What could I do? Say no? She wanted to try octopus and I want to encourage her to try new things.
And you know what? She loved it. All the kids loved it. Now they want pulpo for dinner every night (yay?). Oh, and the fish head is a regular Vinnie menu choice. NBD.

Pulpo: $14.99 a freaking lb.

Eventually, my hope is for the kids to actually make the kid's choice dinners. And clean up the kid's choice dinners.

Past kid's choice Menus:
Green Eggs & Jamon
Macaroni con Hog Dogs
Chicken and Carne and Fish (oh my!)
Pizza...about a million times
"Carrots. I Just Want Carrots, Mom."

If your kids were planning the menu, what would YOU be eating tonight?

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