Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goose Island Girls Night Out

I love my husband, but.....
I love my kids, but....
I NEED a girls night out every once and a while! There is nothing like spending time with my ladies. Last week, Jess, Liz and I joined a whole bunch of other spectacular women for an ultimate ladies night ,thanks to Goose Island Beer Company, Benefit Cosmetics and Wild Ophelia Chocolate. We spent our evening sampling delicious beers, paired with amazing chocolates and getting our beauty on.
Photo by irocksowhat

I started the night with a glass of Sofie, by Goose Island Beer Company, and paired it with a piece of Wild Ophelia's Southern Hibiscus Peach Milk Chocolate Bar. De-Li-Cious! Sofie is a tart, sparkling ale with citrus notes that complemented the hints of peach milk chocolate. I never thought beer and chocolate went together, but I now know I was wrong!
photo by irocksowhat
After quenching my sweet beer tooth, I got my eyebrows waxed by a Benefit Cosmetics artist. I cannot express how much I needed to get my brows done. It was really silly hanging out with a bunch of ladies while getting waxed! Every few minutes I heard someone shriek while getting their eye brows done.

Beautiful Jess getting her makeup did.

While I waited for my freshly waxed brows to calm down, I had a glass of Juliet, by Goose Island Beer Company, mingled and munched on more, you guessed it, chocolate. I think Juliet was my favorite flavor with its spicy flavors and hints of blackberry. Definitely a wine drinker's beer. Believe it or not, I paired a piece of Wild Ophelia's Beef Jerky Chocolate Bar with my beer! Yes, Beef Jerky Chocolate, and it was divine! It was spicy, salty and sweet in every bite.


Once my eyebrows were a little less pink, I met up with a Benefits Cosmetic's artist and got my makeup done (my eyes had watered a little from that wax job). My makeup artist helped me pick out a few things for myself, and Benefit was gracious enough to foot the bill.
I love my new makeup, and I love that I have such an awesome memory to go with it!
Thank you Goose Island Beer Company, Wild Ophelia Chocolate and Benefit Cosmetics for a
wonderful night!

I was not paid to write this review. However, I was given free product and admission to this event. All opinions and content belong to me.
Thank you to SoCalLadyBloggers and Latina Lifestyle Bloggers for inviting me!
A special thank you to for sharing some of her photos with me to use for this post.  


  1. So glad you had a great time.

  2. great re-cap! Glad you were able to enjoy your night out! :) Lovely meeting you at the event. xoxo

    1. OMG I just put it together that I had a full on conversation with you! That was you! I'm such a boob. I wish I would have realized I kinda sorta already knew you there! BTW you looked beautiful at the event. Gah--facepalm.

  3. Great recap - my overgrown eyebrows could've used some Benefit care! Beef jerky chocolate... whuuuuuuut!!!???

  4. This quite literally sounds like the dashing lady type's version of disneyland!!Love the photos and energy about it!!

    1. Thanks! It was almost as good as Dland. There's a Sephora in downtown Disney I always hit up, BTW!