Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Parenting at Its Finest.

For the record: Bel was the only one behaving herself when the following incident occurred.

Parenting is:
    1.  Raising your children to not make fun of people for the way they look or for being a different    race.
    2.  Making your kids get out of line for a ride at Knott's Berry Farm after you catch them doing "Chinese Eyes" and bowing at the Asian family also standing in line. Oh, and good job at failing at #1. Seriously.
   3.  Placing your children in time out where they can watch the Asian family ride the roller coaster your kids could have been on. 
   4.  Trying #1 again.

Parenting is also calming down and giving your kids another shot at not being horrific. This is a hard one for me, as I have the tendency to want to take everything away and not give those second chances. So, after time out, we had a long talk about what happened. A long, calm, serious talk.
I let them choose one more ride to go on and we left the amusement park without tears or resentment.

Parenting is:
    7.  Realizing that you have kids and that they are what they are. Sometimes they mortify you, sometimes they make you weep proud tears of joy.
    8.  Having to say things like this:
You guys were pretty good today, other than when you disgraced yourselves in front of that nice Asian family, so here are the Baby Bottle Pops I promised you.
    9.  Living with yourself after saying #8.
  10.  Repeating #1-9 again sometime in the future and also having to live with that grim fact.


  1. I heart this post hard. This is good momming, right here.

    Also, I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog from the point of view of a step-parent. I've just become fully immersed in the world of step-parenting after being in a long distance relationship for some time, and man... it can be a sticky road. I can read all the standard mommy blogs I want to (and they are mostly applicable to my life with my own kids), but I relate the most with yours - you sing the song of my people. Thanks for doing that.

    1. Heather. Your comment is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said (written) to me. I cannot express how wonderful it feels to know that someone else "gets it". Hang in there, because somehow I am hanging in there.
      PS Your Song of My People reference made my day. I love that meme so much.