Monday, June 3, 2013

LeanMoms: One Week!

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I have been living the LeanMom's life for one week! I've been working out, eating healthy and keeping a positive outlook towards my fitness goals.
I wanted to share my 7 day progress with you guys, since you're all my accountability partners.
Note: I am not weighing myself during LeanMom's. I'm letting my clothing and measurements be the judge.

Day 1 measurements

Right arm: 9 3/4"
Left arm: 9 3/4"
Waist (above navel): 26.5"
Waist (below navel/hips): 32.5"
Right thigh: 22.5"
Left thigh: 22.5"
Booty: 35"

1 Week's progress

Right arm: 9.5" lost a quarter inch!
Left arm: 9.5" lost a quarter inch!
Waist (above navel): 26.5"
Waist (below navel/hips): 26.5"
Right thigh: 22" lost half an inch!
Left thigh: 22" lost half an inch!
Booty: 35.5" gained half an inch!
LeanMom's doesn't track booty measurements, but one of my goals is to lift and round out my butt. My husband swears he can see a difference, so maybe that 1/2 inch is some progress!
I also wanted to report that I am feeling incredible. My energy is up and I am really cherishing the time I get to spend at the gym. The diet I am following is not that difficult, but I won't lie: I struggled. I went to a lot of events this week and, obviously, there was yummy food everywhere. LeanMom's gives you a cheat meal once a week, but...yeah I suck.
This is a new week, and I am committing to following the diet 100%.
Here's to next week's progress!
To check out those lovely before here!

If you would like to check out LeanMoms to see what I'm doing, here is a pretty linky badge for your clicking pleasure.

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  1. So proud of you! It is tough, but AWESOME.

  2. NICE!!! wish i could join in with you, i suck at being consistent with anything though. that's why ive never started a diet in the first place! :P