Monday, June 24, 2013

LeanMoms Check In: Week 4

Banner 2B Yes, Week 4! I have been doing this for a month and am seeing major changes in my body.
I have really been focusing on my thighs and glutes, so most of the changes I am seeing are in that area, although I have lost inches from all over!
The diet has been really hard for me, I have found myself struggling with willpower. Not to mention I have been out and about way more than I thought I was going to be this summer. To help me stay more on track, I downloaded a food tracking app to keep me more accountable. LeanMoms recommends a food diary, and now I see why. Dieting is hard, dudes!
My Body:
I've lost 2" off of each thigh
-.5 " off of each bicep, but my arms are becoming really defined. Muscles sticking out!
-1.5" off of my waist. bringing me back to a 25 :)
-.5 off of my hips...My husband is glad I have not lost in this area, although I would like to be a bit leaner.
My butt is perking up!

I have not weighed myself this month, but I am fitting back into a lot of stuff that was WAY too tight for me a month ago, so that's a huge success.

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