Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day Father's Day Father's Day

Looking through father's day ads and trying to figure out what to get your man is tough. My husband isn't a sports dude, he owns every tool possible, and I actually do the barbecuing around here.
This year, instead of getting him a novelty product featuring boobs, beer or bacon (possibly all three), I took the thoughtful route and made Jeffrey a Shutterfly book. (see below)
However, I do want to know.....
Does your guy have any father's day traditions?
I think we do. This is only my second time being around for Jeffrey's special day, but I am expecting we will go visit his father and eat dinner at a dive called Los Sanchez. Now, while it is decent Mexican food, I am almost positive this is a Suarez tradition because, on father's day every dad gets a free mug. If you know my husband, this is a huge motivation for him to do just about anything, and he is just like his father. (see below)

The best part is my husband doesn't see the resemblance. DOESN'T SEE THE RESEMBLANCE?????!
If you'd like to share your father's day gift, tradition or wish list Please link in a comment. I would love to hear about it.

I'm taking the risk of sharing it before Sunday, but I am preeeetty sure hubs won't make it to the blog before then.

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  1. How sweet! Happy Father's day to your hubby! I love shutterfly too!

  2. What an awesome picture. Like father like son! :)