Sunday, June 23, 2013

10 Things I Adore

I was inspired to share some of my absolute favorite things. Do we share similar tastes?

Vulgar Face sweater from
SOLD OUT. ughhhhhhhhhhh

Lab Cutter Science Cookie Cutters from
Sweet, sweet science.
CAT FLAG Tee Shirt by Sleazy Seagull on
Needs no explanation. 
Jeffrey Campbell 'Clinton' Oxford Wedge

Chanel shoulder bag

Chanel shoulder bag (see more real leather handbags)
Someday when I'm rich enough to own an old handbag.

Bare Minerals Warmth on
I could go without any other piece of makeup except this.

Anything and everything Bryan Ferry
He's so dreamy. Dance away those tears.
Fully Fashion French Heel Stockings from
Have you ever worn nice stockings? I guarantee you will feel incredibly feminine
 and dainty in these. I wear mine with pencil skirts and pretend I work in a library where children HAVE to be quiet.
This one is weird. I've never had a macaron, yet I adore
them so much. They are such pretty cookies. If I was going to finally get the nerve to eat one I would probably go here. FYI that's Earl Grey chocolate ganache
 sandwiched in between those babies. I'm scared I will try them and be not impressed, so instead I revel in their untasted glory.

Every single swimsuit Goldie Hawn wears in Overboard.


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