Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yesterday happened and I thought the world was going to end and I just wanted to kick the universe in the gnards (instead I ate my feelings and stuck to a galleta/black licorice regimen).
And then you all gave me hope through your sweet comments.
Thanks, I needed that.
My husband was very emotional while reading your comments. He was taken back with how much support you all gave me, and also how common it is for drama between mamas. I almost had to laugh at the latter realization on his part (What? Women don't like each other and feel the need to compete for no reason? This is outrageous!).

Emotional Julie: Puffy eyes, runny nose, overcompensating with happy polyester shirt.
All I could think about, after writing my post, was how lucky I am that my daughter has such a wonderful stepmom in her own life. For the record: Averie calls her stepmom 'Mom' sometimes. It doesn't make my ovaries burn! I don't really talk to my daughter's stepmom too often, but I appreciate her so much for all she does. My husband and Averie's dad get along well, too. We can be grown ups with each other and appreciate how rad our kids are without being douchy. Plus, the rest of the girls are always stoked to Skype bomb Averie and her dad. Vinnie thinks he is a cool dude.
In the end, I am sure things will calm down, the girls will grow up and eventually find their own way. I mean, this group must some how form a family, right?!
My parents are divorced, I managed to figure my shiz out (after many rebellious angsty years at no fault of my parents) and turned out kinda/sorta/halfway decent. There's hope for us all.


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    1. Besos besos. Y abrazas grandes para mis sobrinos!!

  2. Us evil step-mamas need to stick together. Support & uplight each other. We matter too.


    1. You said it! Thanks for the love, Holly!