Sunday, May 12, 2013

Treat Yo' Self {to The Craft of Blogging}

Happy Mother's Day, friends! I am feeling especially loved today. My husband's gift to me was his wish for me to spend more time on myself, and most importantly, to spend time without the kids. That's a pretty novel concept, right? To be a better mother, I need a break away from the reason I am a mother.
Lately, my favorite way to clear my mind and release some of the pent up momstration, (frustration from being a mom--get it?) is to write. Just getting my thoughts on screen has an incredible calming effect, and to be honest, more than half of what I write doesn't make it to the blog. However, what does end up on the blog varies in quality, and for that I apologize. So, as a part of my mother's day blessing from my husband, I am going to invest in myself and attend The Craft of Blogging. Yes, it is a blogging workshop geared toward newer bloggers, like myself, who want to find a consistent, stronger writing voice.


...Also, this workshop is an afternoon away from my family where I will be surrounded by adults. Treat yo' self, Julie!
If I don't get anything out of my experience, other than a few conversations that aren't about unicorns, Justin Beiber or Justin Beiber riding unicorns, I really feel like the time and money invested in this will still be worth every minute and penny.
While this particular workshop is local to me, I really urge everyone to go out and find bloggers and workshops nearby. I went on Facebook and found a whole bunch of local ladies that blog, dish, and support one another. As cliched as it sounds, it has been incredible to feel like I am a part of something outside of my home, family and housework.
So go, search and find something that suits you and make a real investment in yourself.

This is not a sponsored post. I am just pumped to go!


  1. Thanks so much for investing in yourself! I look forward to meeting you and seeing you grow!!!