Saturday, May 18, 2013

#StepMomLife: Shutting the Heck Up

Us step moms sure do like to chat it up about the ex wives:
________ is so...
I just can't believe she did...
It would be so much better if she would just...
WHY can't she......
Sometimes we have to vent, but most of the time, do we really need to vent that much? I have noticed that once I start dishing about the ex wife, I actually end up feeling worse than I did in the beginning. Like, with each bitchy statement my face teperature rises until I become Hulk Mom and am rage punching pillows. I am always careful and never talk about her in front of little ears, but that means the other pair of grown up ears in the house are always busy listening to me rant (which means the brain in the middle of those ears is thinking about the ex more than I want it to. No way!).
My new goal is to just not talk about her unless I absolutely have to. And if I have to, it is in the most positive light I can muster.
For example:
That is great ________ is so...
Wow, good for her for doing....
I'm glad she can at least.....
WHY can't she.... Sometimes we can't make everything positive.


  1. You can always call me and vent. And then we will forget everything you said and eat some feelings.

  2. THAT is why we (dad and I) always kept our mouths shut. Because, your parents are your matter what you don't agree with. :-) Aren't you lucky you had us?! :-) oxox

  3. i am not a stepmom, but i wanted to tell you i think you look so cute in your picture!

    1. Thank you! @irocksowhat is such a good picture taker!

  4. ugh. you can call me too. you know i'll listen.

    1. I need to stop the bitching (about the ex). You know I will keep bitching about everything else.