Monday, May 27, 2013

LeanMoms: Day 1

Last night, at the dinner table, I made an announcement to my family:
Guess what? Tomorrow I'm going to be a LeanMom. 
Anabel's eyes became wide and welled up with tears, because she thought I had said mean mom.
After we cleared that one up, I told my family that we were going to start eating healthier stuff at home. I also explained that I want to have more energy to play with them, and that eating good stuff is better for our whole family. The children were pumped after my announcement, although I don't think they have realized I will no longer supply cupcakes on demand, and my husband looked as though he was savoring his havarti smothered burger, as it would be his last for a while.
Now, today, I am starting my LeanMom's program. I took some before photos, had Jeffrey take my measurements and I have my diet and exercise planner ready to go.
You all can expect a weekly LeanMom's post, because GUESS WHAT? You're my accountability partners.
So here goes (sorry, but the before photos are part of the LeanMoms deal):

IMG_0232 IMG_0236


  1. Replies
    1. lol! I have a little bit of extra skin, but mostly it's just fat. I'm going to have my body fat measured today at the gym. Should be interesting.

  2. i'll take your before body any day... you're lucky im not doing one of these. my before photo would make you cry for your mama. ahaha. jk.