Monday, May 6, 2013

Invisalign Now: Braces are SO yesterday.

This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have a brood of children under my wing. Guess what? At least one of these ladies will need braces in their teen years. So, we are saving our pennies.
These are the things that keep me up at night: researching braces, costs and alternatives (praying for straight teeth in the morning?).
The other thing that keeps me up at night is thinking about the pain, maintenance and self esteem issues that can come with braces. Those coordinating rubber bands don't change themselves!
One alternative to metal brace face is Invisalign. I thought that this was just for adults, but pre-teens and teens can get this treatment (Invisalign Teen!) and expect to spend less time at appointments, experience less discomfort and spend less time picking spinach out of their teeth. LOL. As if they'd eat spinach.  Plus, you can usually notice a difference within the first 90 days.
Yeah, nope. I will not be metal braces mom.

I never had braces. I was blessed with straight teeth, but have a bit of an overbite that gives me discomfort, even today. I fought my parents and did not correct my bite because I remember how much all my friends with braces HATED wearing them. Oh, and headgear was completely out of the question. OUT OF THE QUESTION! But now, I am older and beginning to realize how important dental health as an adult is. Having a bite that is off and may cause further damage to my teeth is a big deal, so Invisalign for adults is a practical solution for someone, like me, who doesn't want to "do the braces thing" at 30. Plus, the price is pretty comparable since most insurance covers Invisalign, just like traditional metal or wire braces. Hurray for that!

Look, I know that this is something I will have to consider in the future. I just have to. For my kids, possibly myself, so I am starting to plan now. Researching now. Getting the facts and preparing now. Because I can't bear to think of any of my girls being ashamed* of their smiles, could you?
*Or ashamed of toothless Mom..

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  1. I completely disagree. :-) But, does it matter? Another good lunch topic. Also - my metal (works best/fastest/strongest) and clear (works well but had to replace them occasionally because not as strong)- never hurt my self esteme and I got them at 25 and had them for 8 years with rubberbands. Now Delaney has metal braces....and so do all her friends....and no one cares. And - metal is cheaper. But still - lets go to lunch. I will show you the trick to sucking the food out of your braces. :-)

  2. I had headgear. And braces. I was like Urkle on steroids.

    1. And look how YOU turned out! lol
      I kid,I kid.

  3. I had metal and a headgear and they were so painful. I am all about whateve
    r is easiest for my kids--I don't need them to suffer just because I did. And, with everything else they have to go through, I am totally fine with making their brace face easier on their pride, if I can.