Friday, May 24, 2013

I Joined LeanMoms!

I'm now a member of  LeanMoms (duh^^) and before any of you say, but Julie, you're already skinny, here is this photo.

My gut. Hanging over the laptop. Happy now?
I am thin. Not lean. There is a difference. Thin does not equal healthy. Thin is not the same as being in shape. Does eating caramels for all my calories in a day count as healthy? I mean, I didn't exceed 2000.. so.. I'm good right? Exactly.
Teeny tiny cardigan ain't helping.

I lost 20 pounds in January/February of 2010. The photo on the left is after that 20 pound loss. When I saw that photo I thought, What the crap?? I look like this? I thought I lost weight! After this photo, I was really inspired to get serious about my weight loss and followed a strict (and rather drastic) diet to quickly lose 30 more pounds. I have kept the weight off, but I am constantly stressing about gaining it back, because I never actually changed my lifestyle. I never got healthy.
I still get winded going up the stairs, I still poop out after running around the block and I still eat crap all.the.time. As Lacy Arnold, founder of LeanMoms, puts it: I am soft.
Soft!?! When I think of soft, I think of a nice, old, soft granny who smells like Prince Matchabelli Windsong and kasha.
I don't wanna be soft. I want to be sculpted.
I am starting this journey, going from soft to sculpted, and I'm really excited to share it with you. I hope I can motivate those who want to make changes, and maybe make a few work out buddies in the process.
So Cheer me on, yell at me when I start to gripe, and put a fire under my butt! 
If you would like to check out LeanMoms to see what I'm starting, here is a pretty linky badge for your clicking pleasure.

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  1. i lost 65 pounds 7 years ago, going from 190 to 125. i've birthed two babies since then, and i know what you mean about 'soft.' i am thin, but i'm definitely not sculpted.

    and my butt could use a total overhaul.

    1. I am really excited about this program. I printed out all the resources and meals are planned out, exercises are planned out and there is a facebook group for other moms doing the program.
      Oh, and my butt, my butt. That is my trouble spot! It is flat and cottage cheesy. Not sure how to grow muscles in there.

    2. Also--what diet did you do to lose all that weight? Congrats on that, yo!

    3. weight watchers. i never joined the program or anything, but my mom had before, so she had all the books. my butt is definitely my problem area too. i feel like i could do lunges/squats for months and all it would do its make me sore.

    4. Yep. Butts are the worst! From what I'm learning, to get a toned gluteo maximo you have to do squats, lunges and junk..BUT you have to be eating lots of lean protein to actually build the muscle underneath. Otherwise you just lose butt and make it worse.